Everything Happens for a Reason

I am going to admit that today was a terrible day. Just a few days ago I had an allergic reaction to some new makeup I wore and it swelled up my eyes very badly. With that, it has been making me feel very tired and I have been lacking sleep. Not only that, I received some bad news today after feeling very confident that I was going to receive good news instead. On top of that, it is just freezing cold outside and it is giving me the winter blues. Regardless of all the bad things that had happened today, I try my absolute best to see the positives in everything. If you ever are having a bad day, refer to this blog post because I tend to be good at spreading my positivity towards others.

You are going to have bad days. Some days will be so bad that all you want to do is be alone and cry. THAT IS OK. We cannot be expected to be happy and perfect at all times of the day. Society has high expectations of us humans to be perfect at everything we do. It’s time for society to realize that we are not perfect nor will we every be perfect. The best way to get over a bad day is to find out what method works best for YOU.

For me personally, if I am ever having a bad day there a few things I like to do: exercise, stress eat, and clean. Doing any of these activities  helps me feel better. Now what do all these activities have in common? They all involve “me time.” I cannot stress enough how important it is to make time for yourself. I don’t care if you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert- whether you like being with people or not, we all need to make “me time” a priority in our lives. It is so relaxing to just be with yourself and no one else. Having me time can help you clear your mind and make you feel less stressed. Also most importantly, if you end up having a bad day because you didn’t get what you want, it is NOT the end of the world. If that is the case for you, think about it this way: you can’t always get what you want and that is how life is. If I were to get everything I want, that would just cause my head to be huge because it would be filled with ignorance and confidence. It is a great characteristic for someone to be confident, but not to the point to where that person thinks they are perfect at everything they do. Just imagine, if you got everything you wanted, you would NEVER be challenged. The most successful people I know are the ones that take challenges and as a matter of a fact, they are the people who have so many bad days and have failed so many times. Instead of giving yourself pity, why not think of it as a challenge? A characteristic I have picked up while being in college is to never give up and to always keep trying.

Before I was even admitted to Ball State University, I was wait listed and I knew Ball State was the university I wanted to go to.  Back in my younger days, I always had low self esteem in my abilities.  Growing up, I felt different from my peers. I had trouble learning in school and I always had to go to after school programs to help me with my classes. Not only that, I had to be removed from classrooms whenever it came to taking tests because I needed someone to help me comprehend on what the test questions were asking me. Lastly, I also had to be removed from classrooms to help with my verbal speech. The way I pronounced words was so weak that it was sometimes hard for others to understand what I was saying. In high school whenever I played soccer, I decided to quit playing my senior year because I was afraid I wasn’t going to make the varsity team. I played soccer ever since I was five and when it came to try outs, I chickened out and decided to not play the sport I truly loved. Now I see myself in the mirror and just think about how much I have changed and how much I have improved as I grew up. I decided to not give up on my dreams of going to Ball State and I worked my butt off retaking my SAT’s and ACT’s. I took the assessment tests about 7 times-which didn’t help out my parents considering they had to pay a fee every time I retook the test. After hours and hours of staying up late and asking for extra help in school, I finally got the ACT score that was required from Ball State and I will never forget that call I received from the Admissions Office saying that I have been accepted to my dream school. Not only that, my self esteem has sky rocketed and the abilities I had troubled with growing up, I have excelled in them now. The amount of speech sessions I went to from elementary school to now, has helped me land a job as a Tour Guide at Ball State. It has also helped me with my communication skills with others, which has lead me to picking a major I love- a major that involves public speaking in front of numerous amount of people. Lastly, it has led me into taking so many leadership roles-one of the being the star of a national TV commercial for Ball State University.

Whenever I am having really bad days, I try to think about all the good days I had instead. I am incredibly grateful and blessed to wake up every day and overcome this crazy world I live in. Everyday to me is a new opportunity to start something new. I hope whenever you are having a bad day, you can look at all the great things you have been doing in your life and continue to excel as you take on this journey. Just remember this:

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