Keto Diet 101

The Dos and Dont’s When Starting the Keto Diet

disclaimer: i am not a doctor or health coach. this blog post is based on my experience and what worked for me. please consult a doctor for further information about the keto/low carb diet.

Eating loads of fat to lose fat? It didn’t make sense to me whenever my coworkers first introduced me to the ketogenic (aka keto/low carb) diet. How could one possibly lose SO much weight in a short period of time?

As odd as it may seem, it actually worked out pretty well for me. Beginning the day after Thanksgiving to now, I embarked the keto diet journey and lost almost 40 pounds (38 pounds to be exact)! It definitely was not an easy journey. Starting any kind of diet can cause frustration, anger and discouragement. Luckily, I received so much support from my family and friends, which made the journey less painful.

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