My Work

During my time as the Amos Brown Intern and Account Coordinator for Hirons, I have written copy for various projects such as social media, blogs, newsletters, press releases, media advisories, fact sheets etc. Along with my day-to-day duties as an Account Coordinator, I was also the Internship Coordinator from fall 2017 to summer 2018 and I was the Diversity team leader, which encompassed developing different strategies and tactics to promoting diversity initiatives internally and externally.

During my final semester of senior year, I was the Public Relations Intern for the 500 Festival. Throughout this internship, I developed targeted media lists to pitch to relevant media,  created the IPL 500 Festival Parade script and worked on media relations for the 500 Festival Princess Program.


In summer 2016, I was a marketing and communications intern with Hendricks County Community Foundation. Throughout my internship,  I developed a social media content calendar, assisted in a rebrand of the organization, created and edited content for press releases, and assisted in planning and organizing major events.


From spring 2014 to spring 2017, I have been an Account Coordinator for numerous different clients. From working with nonprofit organizations to the working internally with Cardinal Communications, I have gained real-life experience with clients in the Muncie community.  I have created content for flyers, social media plans, monthly newsletters, email pitches, and media kits.

merrill lynch

In summer 2015, I was a Financial Advisor Intern at Merrill Lynch. In this role, I conducted product, marketing and client research and I updated databases such as Sales Force.


From spring 2014 through spring 2015, I was involved in an immersive learning class known as Cardinal Life. Cardinal Life is Ball State University’s Year-In-Review. During this time, I served as the Social Media Coordinator, the Promotions and Marketing Manager and the Managing Editor. You can look more about Cardinal Life itself by visiting


The Odyssey Online is content from college students where they can share their ideas and thoughts to the millennial generation. This particular article was my most successful from the Odyssey and has received over 500 shares.