Keto Diet 101

The Dos and Dont’s When Starting the Keto Diet

disclaimer: i am not a doctor or health coach. this blog post is based on my experience and what worked for me. please consult a doctor for further information about the keto/low carb diet.

Eating loads of fat to lose fat? It didn’t make sense to me whenever my coworkers first introduced me to the ketogenic (aka keto/low carb) diet. How could one possibly lose SO much weight in a short period of time?

As odd as it may seem, it actually worked out pretty well for me. Beginning the day after Thanksgiving to now, I embarked the keto diet journey and lost almost 40 pounds (38 pounds to be exact)! It definitely was not an easy journey. Starting any kind of diet can cause frustration, anger and discouragement. Luckily, I received so much support from my family and friends, which made the journey less painful.

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Advice from a Soon-to-be College Grad

You don’t realize how fast life goes until you start to experiencing “last” moments. Your last time gazing the colorful flowers on your way to class, your last unforgettable night out with your best friends, your last time working on that homework assignment that was assigned months ago, but you decided to put it off until the day of. During these moments in your college career, you truly don’t enjoy them until you know the end is near. To my fellow soon-to-be college grads,  this new transition will truly be bitter sweet. As we all reflect back on our last four years of college, there are many life lessons we have learned. We all handled it differently from others, but we essentially went through similar moments.  To the younger ones– take this advice from a soon-to-be college grad that wishes she could enjoy those small moments for just a bit longer.

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Don’t Live Life Asking “What If?”


If you occasionally ask yourself “What if I were to do XYZ?”, then you didn’t take an advantage of a potential opportunity. I hated to be that person that could never say no. I would always say yes whenever anyone asked me for a favor. But come to think of it, you should always say YES whenever it comes to an opportunity that can help your personal growth.  I will never forget the time I had a potential opportunity and I was loosing sleep because I kept thinking “What if!?”

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Screw Body Image

The summer season has finally approached! Dogs are running with the wind, children are climbing up monkey bars, and people are preparing for endless amounts of days chilling by the pool… Chilling by the pool… which means wearing a swim suit… which means everyone sees your “not so summer bod.” I am very insecure about this topic and so are many men and women around the globe… Body image.

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Everything Happens for a Reason

I am going to admit that today was a terrible day. Just a few days ago I had an allergic reaction to some new makeup I wore and it swelled up my eyes very badly. With that, it has been making me feel very tired and I have been lacking sleep. Not only that, I received some bad news today after feeling very confident that I was going to receive good news instead. On top of that, it is just freezing cold outside and it is giving me the winter blues. Regardless of all the bad things that had happened today, I try my absolute best to see the positives in everything. If you ever are having a bad day, refer to this blog post because I tend to be good at spreading my positivity towards others.

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You Define Love

Everyone has different meanings whenever it comes to love. People define love as someone who you truly care about, such as your parents. Others define love as something you can’t live without-for me that is pizza. I can’t imagine a sick world without pizza in it. And then we have people define love as an indescribable feeling-which is what I believe is the true definition of love. Each individual has different perspectives whenever it comes to life, especially love. We all describe it in different ways which is what I find so fascinating. One thing to keep in mind though whenever it comes to love is that you can decide how you want to define it and when you will find it, no one else.

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